LED Signage Services in Gurgaon

Galaxy Signage INDIA is a leading provider of visual signage technology in India, specialized in Indoor & Outdoor signages. LED Signage is the most popular most impressive eco-friendly signage in the world it's widely used in corporate and retail sectors to display their branding and advertising in an elegant manner. This is called by 3D Glow signboard, Digital Signage, Electronic signage, led Display Board, illuminated signage, LED Signboards are the latest way of representing your brand. LED Glow Signboard look more premium than normal signboards, LED Signages are more reliable & use much less power as compared to traditional signage.

LED Signage to use a large number of tiny LED as lighting source instead of neon tube lights. In most cases, these signs are made in form of Acrylic Sign letters with lighting embedded inside. Acrylic Sheets are available in transparent, translucent, and opaque forms with all colors range, giving various options to creatively showcase to the client's requirements.

There are various LED Signs such as Led light shine board, Led letter sign-board, Led name boards, Led acrylic sign board, Led shine boards. Basically LED Signage is made by laser-cut / CNC Router cut A Cast Acrylic Sheet and the side/ Depth/ Raising of the letters can be made by steel, Aluminium, Powder coated Ms sheets, Golden metal sheet, etc.... Anywhere true color and uniform higher light levels are desired, LED illuminated signs to produce high-quality signage with the cost-efficient operation. Here are kinds of LED Signage like 3D Acrylic letters Signage, Aluminium Profile Letters, 3D Solid acrylic letters, Steel profile letters signage.

We use Samsung, GE (General Electronics), Osram, Philips, Havels made led modules to illuminate the signage with various Warranty periods like 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years. and for supply we use GE, Osram and ETUnion Made 12-volt DC Adapters.


Description: LED Acrylic letters signage glow signboard, Backlit Shine Board, Digital Shine Board, 3D Signage Face/ Front
Material: Acrylic Face/ Front
Color: Acrylic is having a huge range of colors (All Colors / Shades are available) Side/ Raising/
Depth Material: Acrylic, Aluminium / Steel / Golden / Metal / Brass etc...
Light source: use of LED to illuminate the signage
Illumination with: Warm or Cool LED with all colors
Operation Power: 12V DC
LED Life: 1,00,000 hours (As per claimed by LED Manufactures)
Warranty / Durability: 1 to 10 years of onsite warranty.
Delivery time: 1 to 10 working days or depend on the size of the Signage

Our Clients

We have proudly served wide spectrum industries such as real estate, manufacturing, finance companies, education and training, schools and colleges, healthcare, news channels, restaurant & hospitality sector, banks, MNCs as well as government organisations etc.