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 Acrylic is a hard durable plastic-type product that is very commonly used in sign applications. Acrylic has a smooth surface and is easy to cut, bend and paint, making it perfect for the world of signs. Acrylic is fantastic for indoor signage and outdoor laser cut or panel work. Acrylic comes standard from 2mm thick all the way up to 30mm thick and comes in a wide range of colors. You can fabricate acrylic in order to make it thicker or even join two pieces together. There are a number of different options of how you can use acrylic in your office.

Quality, speed and precision are the focal points behind every part we cut at Signage Monster. Laser cutting should not stress or distort materials, allowing the components to maintain its strength and durability. We can cut expert shapes and letters Computer aided laser cutting systems will cut out sharp corners and micro details, which are impossible to produce with other machines.

The acrylic used is also very important. Acrylic may be A-Cast or extruded. A-Cast acrylic is excellently suited to laser cutting. With extruded acrylic, the cut edges become milky after cutting due to the stresses released. It is also important to achieve clean adjustment of the beam since the cut edges are not vertical. The selection of a laser source with good beam quality is particularly crucial.

Using Acrylic for sign letters and general sign lettering applications can substantially cut down the cost and time to make a good looking sign. Acrylic sign letters can be used in either inside or outside applications and in a variety of temperature zones.

The greatest advantages obtained from Acrylic are price and versatility. This product is cut with computer guided tools which allows us to cut virtually any shape, font, logo or design. Acrylics can be pigmented. The color of the raw material, or painted with a long lasting and durable baked enamel finish. The latter is recommended for exterior use as the pigmented colors tend to break down under continuous UV exposure. Most acrylic built up letters are made in a block bold font like Helvetica Bold or Clarendon Bold or similar type font. The letters can be illuminated with LED. An acrylic reception sign Perfect for you lobby area of your company that needs to be noticed. Acrylic Signs are clean, classy and effective.
3D letters stand off the walls to grab your attention. High attention, High impact, Low cost. They come in several different colors in industrial exterior PVC plastic, aluminum or cast steel. They can be secured to almost any surface even brick or concrete walls. This type of lettering has come to represent professionalism in banks, schools and many other buildings of importance. They add the element that the building has had the lettering sculpted into its own structure. 3D letters can also be a fun colorful statement that only looks expensive. Signage Monster also offer custom mould logos and shapes in PVC plastic, aluminum or steel in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Our 3D routed dimensional lettering is the highest quality available. Router cut letters; 3D metal signs are very elegant. 3D letter signs three-dimensional effect is one of the best to present the 3D building numbers, 3D sign letters also the 3D lettering signs which can help to improve the outlook.

Laser cut, the logo and letters required a very slow processing to ensure the plastic walls were remained vertical and sharp. The natural processing of the laser cutting machine gives the edges a smooth finish suitable for additional coating. The plastic letters here are very stylish and look great with a top light or face light showing on them.

Plastic letters are well suited to cutting with a laser machine: Wide selection of Plastics, thicknesses and grades can be laser-cut to create a beautiful image, logo or design. Our team comprises technicians, sign makers, designers and a team of experienced staff dedicated to giving our clients accuracy every time. From simple to intricate designs, multi layer combinations and multi material combinations, our specialized signage department can laser cut your letters and shapes perfectly.

Designed in house, our team can create any file suitable for Laser Cutting, show you how to draw path lengths or we can set up the cutting file for you. Our preference is CorelDraw or Illustrator.

Materials and Selections, Capable of cutting Mild Steels, Aluminum, Plastics, Perspex, Colored Acrylic, Stainless Steel and more, on ready access we have lots of different materials for supply. Specialty materials such as timbers, laminates, composites or other may need to be supplied to us. We do not source specialty timbers on your behalf.

Professional 3D stainless steel sign letters are custom made from high quality 304 grades Stainless Steel. Signage Monster offers indoor and outdoor dimensional lettering and raised graphics in stainless steel, brass and plastic of all kinds. We also manufacture illuminated 3D channel letters in stainless steel with LED and neon.

It is very common that our entire design and manufacturing team attend Laser Cutting Seminars to keep abreast of the latest technology. We are dedicated to giving your company the best possible results, latest technologies and options and using techniques to reduce your costs.

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