3D Steel Letter Sign Board in Gurgaon

3D Steel letter is one of the product of Galaxy Signge. We have a wide experience in steel signage. Basically use two quality of steel 202,and 304 Steel for signage.

We are the manufacturers and we also do repairing for steel letter signage.
Dimensional Letters have a depth and thickness which give a true sense of solidity and weight to a finished design. Signage Monster produces dimensional signs in a wide range of materials. Our primary materials include Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless and Hot rolled steel, or hybrid laminations of metal and acrylic plastics, or just plain acrylics, we have the ability to finish with top quality paint systems, anodize, polish, oxidize, or a straight satin brushed finish.

Cast metal letters are the pinnacle in dimensional lettering; offering greater dimension than solid sheet flat cut out letters at a cheaper price. Cast metal letters establish a sense of permanency wherever they are installed and convey an image of success about the company that utilizes them in its signage. Metal letters are long lasting and legible from a distance. We can also combine the dimensional effect of our 3D letters with printed art to create an eye catching logo or display. The most commonly use material is stainless steel which has proven to be extremely durable. It will never rust and will always stay bright and shine throughout the years. Other materials available are Titanium, Brass, and Aluminum.

Depending on the material and thickness, we will cut by precision laser cutting machine or high pressured water jet cutting machine. Both of them are high precision computerized control devices. It will automatically cut the metal sheet into any shape.

The cut pieces will then go through a fabrication process. This process is done by skillful fabrication team using specially designed hand tools. Fabrication master will ensure that each pieces solder together strongly and tightly. There will be no holes or gaps between the face and the return.

This is the process that created the blended edge we are ever so famous for. We use a gas pressured filing devices to smoothen any imperfection away from all the edge of the metal letters to create the solid "one piece" appearance.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is use in this stage to remove all traced of acids, metal pieces, dust, etc.

Cast metal letters are made in two distinct metals. Both our cast Aluminum letters and cast Bronze letters are made from mercury and lead free prime ingots, cast in virgin sand moulds that produce faces and returns that are pit and blemish free. They can be left satin finished with or without a clear coat or they can be anodized or oxidized. Cast metal letters can also be painted in one of our many baked enamel colors. Additionally, we can custom cast your special font, your logo's and your designs.

Most of our cast metal letters come in flat face designs with the exception of the Architectural font which is bevel faced and the Roman Round font which has a round face. Laminated metal to acrylic sign letters incorporate a thin face layer of aluminum or brass colored aluminum that has been laminated under high pressure to an acrylic substrate. Recommended for indoor use but can be used outdoors in unexposed situations. This creates a unique look in a variety of indoor applications and a perfect choice for foyer's and reception areas.

Our Clients

We have proudly served wide spectrum industries such as real estate, manufacturing, finance companies, education and training, schools and colleges, healthcare, news channels, restaurant & hospitality sector, banks, MNCs as well as government organisations etc.